Friday, March 02, 2007


This is, I suppose a milestone of sorts - it is the 150th post at Angry Fan. I have had, on occasion, guest bloggers, but roughly 60 percent of what is here came from my twisted mind (there is a fair chunk that are my wife's photos of my Aussie rules football matches)...

And now for a look back at the top ten posts arbitrarily picked by me, and the top five photos taken by the wife...

1. - Not my best writing, but it was the entry that launched a thousand ships...okay, 149 subsequent entries, and that has to count for something.

2. - Also not my best writing, but the subject really pissed me off. Too important a story to put low down on the totem.

3. - One of my favorite pieces that I did during the Patriots doomed playoff run of the 2005 season. With everything this team went through in the way of injuries, making the playoffs was a pretty damn impressive feat.

4. - The first of my "rage against 'roid" pieces. Some of my better observations too. This is short, to the point, and one of my first really angry posts. I'm proud of this one.

5. - I just like some of the observations I made here. Some of my more clever writing (and I know that I have not been as clever nor as witty as often as I would like to have been here).

6. - For all the knocks Bledsoe has received over the years - here's my defense of him. Let's just say he compares pretty favorably to a number of Hall of Fame QB's.

7. - Welcome to another one of those Angry rants - the target, Deion Branch and his agent.

8. - A lot of random observations and rants. Mostly on the Patriots, but I covered the Sox too in this one

9. - Another of my Angry rants. The subject? Tom Brady and the media. I just calls 'em like I sees 'em.
10. - Former co-worker and Frederick Beat Writer Keith Martin makes the list with his e-mail about my denial when Theo bailed on the Sox after a blow-up with Lucchino at the end of the 2005 season. Not his best work, but some amusing observations - particularly for anyone intimately familiar with the Boston sports scene.

Honorable mention is the following week in its entirety - - It was a very good week for me that included rants about the Genarlow Wilson case, the Saints, Parcells retirement, The Bengals and the NFL Playoffs.

And now for the Picture Show...
With many thanks to my wife who manages to get decent pics with a crappy camera.


Here's to the next one-fifty.

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