Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Year in brief review

I'm going to keep this short. With a thanks ahead of time to Chuck Dickens...

It was the best of times (talk to the fans of the Cardinals, Steelers, Heat, etc.), it was the worst of times (see Floyd Landis, Duke Lacrosse, the Oakland Raiders), it was the age of wisdom (Jim Leyland), it was the age of foolishness(Dallas Cowboys signing Terrell Owens), it was the epoch of belief (fans of teams everywhere as their teams' seasons began), it was the epoch of incredulity (can't help it, back to the TO thing)...

It's been a busy year in the sports world - Let's handle this in Clint Eastwood fashion...

The Good...

Paul Tagliabue retired as commissioner from the NFL beginning a new era in pro football.
The Detroit Tigers gave fans of any team everywhere reason for hope with their worst-to-first Cinderella story.
The Steelers became the first 6th seed in the playoffs to win the Super Bowl, becoming a Cinderella story of their own.
George Mason making it to the final four.
The New Orleans Saints.

The Bad...
Red Auerbach passed away and the NBA began its first season in its history sans the man with the cigar.
Basketbrawl in Madison Square Garden.
The passing of Kirby Puckett at a young age.
Isaiah Thomas and Matt Millen in charge of professional sports franchises.
Terrell Owens continued need to have the spotlight on himself, even if its for the wrong reasons.
The way in which Joe Paterno's coaching career might end.
The Cincinnati Bengals.

The Ugly...
As mentioned previously, the Duke Lacrosse scandal.
The doping throughout cycling which saw some of cycling's biggest names banned from competing in the Tour de France and the incompetent way in which testing and storing samples continues to be done by international anti-doping authorities, which have now cast doubts on their implication of Floyd Landis, and the way in which the appeals process is being stalled while his career is on hold pending the hearing.
Italian soccer officials implicated in match fixing still being allowed to oversee World Cup matches.
The mess that is the Raiders entire organization.
Same for the Knicks.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Weigh In and other Quick Hits...

Well, was at 187 this morning, down 6 pounds from the start of the contest. With my wife's 5.5 pounds that brings us to 11.5 - 4.4 more than the in-laws...booyah.

This week, look for my year in review as well as a look at preseason picks and a look forward to the playoffs.

Quick hits on the weekend -

Nick Saban is likely on his way to Alabama. I don't think you entertain a job offer two years into a five year contract unless you plan on leaving...not to mention the last time Saban said he wasn't going anywhere he was in Louisiana and months later he was in Miami.

I think, in addition to Arizona and Atlanta, Pittsburgh will have a new coach next year. Other teams that may soon be looking include the Giants, contingent upon the headway they make in the post season, and Miami (see above). I think Romeo Crennel gets one more season to make things work in Cleveland and, due to the long standing relationship, Art Shell gets another season in Oakland.

I hope, for the sake of Darrent Williams family, that the drive by shooting that killed him this weekend turns out to be nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I figued that Tony Romo would come back to earth, but what the hell is going on with the Dallas defense?