Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Curse of the Fat Head

Just a brief theory that needs to be put into the public consciousness. Everybody knows about the Madden and Sports Illustrated cover curses, what nobody has connected yet is the curse of the Fat Head.

For those of you who have been living in a cave, Fat Head is a company that makes removable wall decals and has the obnoxious commercials featuring Chad Johnson and Ben Roethlisberger. Is it mere coincidence that both of these people missed the playoffs one year after making the post-season? I think not...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This week's weigh in and the playoffs...

Today I weighed 186, up one pound from my Flu-inspired low of 185. But down 7 pounds from my starting weight for the contest (and 8 overall).

Onto the weekend -

Game 1
The Chiefs looked like the team that didn't belong, and the Colts didn't look much better in the first game of the weekend. Everyone knew the Chiefs were going to try to ram the ball down the throats of the Colts defense - and when they went nowhere on the first two series, they should have come out on the third series trying to use the pass to set up the run.
As bad as the Chiefs were (no first downs by the offense in the first half), they were down by only 9 at the half because their defense was giving them every chance to stay in the game.
The Ravens will be a much tougher game for the Colts, and if the Colts play like they did in Indy, then this is the weekend that Indianapolis will go home and begin preparing for next season.

Game 2
This was the NFC consolation match between two teams that are unlikely to make any real noise in the post-season. Seattle's defenders played over their heads, and only has a chance this weekend because Chicago's quarterback situation is somewhere around DEFCON 2.
As for the Cowboys, a lot of uncertainty surrounds the team going into an offseason made possible by Tony Romo's Buckner-esque gaff on what could have been the game winning field goal.
Dallas offseason issues include: the future of Bill Parcells (rumors are that in spite of the public face put on it, that Jerry Jones doesn't really want Parcells back - could he end up in Miami? As GM of the Giants?); the future of T.O. (who, from indications, is likely to be back); what will the psychological impact of the gaffe be on Romo?; Will the team release Bledsoe, will he retire - he has publicly stated that he will not be a back up, and that he would retire first. These are not the issues of a team on the rise.

Game 3
Ah - the Beligini Bowl. Surprisingly, Eric Mangini came into Foxboro with the same game plan he used the last time the two teams met. Give the Patriots a second chance to beat a scheme, and chances are they will.
The Jets played a tough, competitive game for three quarters before making the mistakes the changed a close game into a blow-out. With the exception of a Corey Dillon fumble early in the game, the Patriots played with a ruthless efficiency, racking up 158 yards on 38 carries, for a 4.2 yard per rush average, while giving up only 70 on the ground to the Jets.
With the improvement of the Jets, and the Bills showing life late in the season, the AFC is looking to shape up as a very difficult division next season.
Right now, however, the Patriots are moving on to a showdown with the NFL's best team this season - the Chargers.

Game 4
The Limp-home at the Linc. The Eagles got it done agains the divisional rival Giants, but it wasn't pretty. The two teams combined for three fumbles (none turnovers), 1 interception, and virtually no run defense as the Giants racked up 151 of their 305 total yards on the ground for a 4.9 yard average (they averaged 5.5 per pass play), and the Eagles totalled 185 of their 323 yards on the ground, an average of 6 yards oer rush (as opposed to an electrifying 4.2 per pass play).
As the Eagles move on to a match-up in the Big Easy, the Giants limp home with questions about their coach, a retiring star, and a quarterback that looks better suited to be a career back-up rather than starter.

More to come...