Friday, March 02, 2007

Patriot Games

According to a report this evening the New England Patriots made a big splash in the free agent market agreeing to a preliminary deal with former Baltimore Raven multi-purpose defender Adalius Thomas. While speculation has been put forth that Thomas would come in and play for the Pats as an outside linebacker, expect the versatile 270 pounder to line up in the middle next year next to Tedy Bruschi, allowing Mike Vrabel to return to his more natural outside position and Roosevelt Colvin to return to the weak side.

Thomas, who has shown the speed to play as an effective corner and safety, will likely be expected to cover the tight-ends and running backs as well as free Bruschi up to make plays by taking on offensive linemen.

In light of this signing, it should be interesting to see if it sways Troy Brown to come back for one more shot at a fourth ring (assuming the Pats want him back).

I'm guessing that this signing might signal the end of Banta-Cain's time in New England, unless the market for him is not quite what he or his agent expects. However, I figure that he, like Matt Chatham before him, ends up with the Jets.

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