Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vindication in my defense of Drew Bledsoe - NFL - Joyner: Brady among NFL's best decision makers

Recently I was surfing ESPN, and saw this headline (above). Being the Pats-geek that I am, I decided to take a look at what Joyner was writing. Curiously, based on his rating system - which he explains in detail in the article - the second best decision maker in the NFL last year was my boy Drew. It gave me a warm fuzzy.
Other Patriots fans can say what they like about Bledsoe standing in the pocket too long, patting the ball and whatnot, but to me, this is the man who, with Parcells resurrected the franchise when the Patriots had reached an all-time low. His toughness was often questioned even though he led the Patriots to come from behind victories with screws holding his index finger together on his throwing hand. It was questioned even when he continued to play against the 49ers with a separated shoulder.
While Bledsoe may have put his 2001 Super Bowl ring in the dresser drawer, he should display it proudly. Without him, the team doesn't beat the Steelers in the playoffs to make it to the big game.
For his career, Bledsoe has 43,477 yards passing in 188 games. He has a completed 57.3 % of his passes for a quarterback rating of 77.3 has one ring in two Super Bowl trips and he will not get into the Hall of Fame. Also, 244 TD's to 198 Int's.
To really put that into perspective, Brett Favre, who will get in, and in playing two seasons longer than Bledsoe, has racked up 53,615 yards in 225 games (37 more games, or almost two and a half seasons), 61.5 % completions, and an 86 rating. All better numbers, granted. But recently, Bledsoe has been the better QB. Last year Bledsoe tossed 23 TDs to 17 int's. Favre's numbers? 20 TD's to 29 int's.
However, let's look at the Hall and some of the field generals represented therein;

Terry Bradshaw, 27,989 yards in 168 games, 212 TDs/210 INTs, 51.9 % completions, 70.9 rating.

Dan Fouts, 43,040 yards in 181 games, 254 TD/242 INTs, 58.8 % completions, 80.2 rating.

Troy Aikman, 32,942 yards in 154 games, 165 TD/141 INTs, 61.5 % completions, 81.6 rating.

Joe Namath, 27,663 yards in 140 games, 173 TD/220 INTs 50.1 % completions, 65.6 rating.

Bob Greise, 25,092 yards in 161 games, 192 TD/172 INTs 56.2 % completions, 77.1 rating.

I think you get the picture. I could go on, posting Warren Moon's numbers and Sonny Jurgensen's as Bledsoe compares favorably to both. I guess my point is - either Bledsoe, at the very least, deserves consideration, or some of the above don't deserve to be enshrined.

Just my little cause.


Anonymous said...

although most people probably think differently after this past season, i agree with this post... All coaches now adays try to use bledose like brad johnson when they should use bledsoe like parcells did in the 90's... Shotgun 5 wide... give him some options to beat the blitz...

Kevin Smith said...

I'll grant not the easiest of QB's to use in today's game - but still somebody that can beat you if he has a decent O line. He stays standing and he's a problem for defenses.

Unfortunately I don't think any of the teams currently looking for a QB have the sort of line or running game to give him the time.