Friday, April 03, 2009

An absolute mugging

My initial thought was to describe the Bears trade for Jay Cutler an absolute mugging - the bears traded Kyle Orton and this year's first and third round picks as well as next year's first rounder for Cutler and Denver's fifth round pick this year. My wife pointed out that when one is mugged that the muggee doesn't look at the mugger and say, "here, take my credit cards and cash, and I'll put up some token resistance by making a half-hearted effort to scratch your face."

She's right. No. This was more like Denver telling the Bears to bend over and drop trou, and the Bears saying back, "with Vaseline or without?"

This was an absolute violation of the Catholic priest variety.

As mediocre as Kyle Orton has been, Cutler hasn't actually been significantly better. A quick look -

In three seasons Orton has played in 33 games while Cutler has played in 37 games. I will give Orton's actual numbers and his 37 game projections...

Yes, Cutler has a better completion percentage and put up more yardage - 62.5 percent and 9024 yards to Orton's 55.3 and 5319 yards (5964 over 37 games), but Cutler has also been throwing to the likes of Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Javon Walker and Rod Smith. Orton's two best targets in the last three seasons would both be picked after any one of the four above - Muhsin Muhammad and Bernard Berrian. The trade will answer the question as to whether the receivers made the QB or vice versa with these two.

But let's look at some other telling stats...

Cutler has thrown 37 interceptions in 37 games, Orton has had 27 in 33. Cutler has an average of 11.8 yards per catch to Orton's 10.5.

But here are some of the really important ones - Orton is 21-12 with and was instrumental in getting the Bears to at least one playoff appearance. Cutler is 17-20 with no playoff appearances. Cutler's best season was 8-8. Orton's? 10-5.

Considering that Cutler was drafted 11th and Orton 106th, I would expect more from Cutler than this.

And if I were a Bears fan this morning, I would be buying something to sooth that burning feeling coming from my sphincter.


Chris Stone said...

I don't think McDainels wanted Cutler as QB from the first. If I were another team needing a quarterback, that evaluation would make me pause.

This should make Cutler work even harder to succeed, but he may become better adept at excuses.

Kevin Smith said...

I wouldn't be surprised to begin hearing the old "I'm learning a new system" line should the Bears get off to a slow start.

Dave said...

Reading Peter King today, he said McDaniels fell in love with Orton after watching his tape.

I agree; I always liked Orton. He seems more in control on the field. But he has had little to work with on the field. Now he gets two great receivers, a good RB and a solid O-Line.

Kevin Smith said...

Saw that - it should be interesting, given the fact that Cutler is going to a much worse offense (talent wise) and Orton is heading to a better one. My guess is that the Broncos biggest issues will continue to be on the defensive side of the ball.