Monday, November 24, 2008

Random thoughts around the league

So, I was really wrong about the Eagles.

Boy, how Andy Reid's star has fallen. The one time offensive genius is getting slammed for a lot of stupidity, and deservedly so. Reid has assembled a team with no power back, which means third and one might as well be third and ten, and he has learned absolutely nothing from his success from the times he managed to win sans Donovan McNabb.

Reid, in the last couple of years, has had his greatest success by increasing the team's number of rushing attempts to have a, or close to a 50-50 split with passing plays. But every time he has McNabb under center, that ratio jumps to a minimum of 60 percent passing plays, if not more.

For a coach that's supposed to be as bright as Reid, it amazes me that he hasn't figured this out. It's like he's channeling Mike Martz.

I've gotta tip my hat to the Jets. They've gone on a damn fine run. Were it not for the flip of a coin, we might be looking at a flip in the standings between the Jets and the Pats.

The Jets are playing some of the best ball of the year, but I still say that right now the Titans are the team to beat in the AFC.

As good as the Cardinals have been, I think they're one and done in the playoffs. I'm not saying they can't make some noise, but they've struggled a bit against the better teams.

If the season stopped now, the Dallas Cowboys could potentially be the biggest disappointments in the league. They would be completely out of the playoffs. Currently they're behind the Panthers, Redskins and Falcons, in that order, for the NFC wild card.

With games against the Giants, Steelers and Ravens coming up, it's entirely possible that the Cowboys could top out at nine wins and miss the playoffs.


Teresa said...

I just don't think the Titans have it. I think it will be a New York/New York SuperBowl.

Kevin Smith said...

Maybe. But I think the Jets are eminently beatable. I don't think Cassel putting up 400 yards on their defense was a fluke, and I don't think that the Jets in a rematch with the Titans in Tennessee are going to be able to keep the score down again.

Then again, at about this time last year i called the Giants "frauds" after they nearly lost to the then winless Dolphins and had a horrible game against some other bottom feeder. So, I could be wrong. I do have to say that I don't think either the Pats or Colts are destined for Tampa this season, but either could get hot through December and prove me wrong like the Giants did last year.

Chris Stone said...

I think the Jets are totally beatable.... but then i'm biased! If the Pats can figure out their secondary problems.... they'd have a chance. Loosing Thomas was huge. But, if you notice, Thomas has not been put on IR. I think Belichick is looking at the post season. Thomas was one of the few defensive players that played every snap.

Kevin Smith said...

Honestly, I was surprised at the Titans game. If the Pats could play the Jets to a tie in regulation without their starting QB, RB, best LB and starting safety, I figured Tennessee would have no problem. I have a hard time believing a rematch would have the same result (with the Pats or the Titans).