Monday, October 20, 2008

Elegy and other things...

Well, it was a good run. They teased me into believing again. They came up just short.

So it goes.

Now, after a good season, the Sox turn their attention to off-season concerns.

Congratulations to Tampa, you earned it. Good luck in the next round.

Over on the Grid-iron...

Does anyone else think that somewhere Drew Bledsoe was watching the Dallas game yesterday with the following thought running through his head - "frickin' pansy. Yo, dough-boy, it's a frickin' pinky - I led the Patriots to two come from behind victories with a god-damned screw sticking out of my index finger. Jesus. They benched me for that wuss?"

The cracks are beginning to appear in Dallas - TO whining, Romo wussing, Pacman fighting, Jerry Jones trading the farm for a horse.

They now stand at 4-3 with only to pushovers, San Francisco and Seattle, left on their schedule. They are behind both New York and Washington in their division, and could, by the time they reach their bye easily be 4-5 and would likely need to go 6-1 over the remaining games just to get into the playoffs. With games against the Redskins, Steelers, Giants, Ravens, and Eagles, I think that's highly unlikely.

Speaking of the Giants, I admit, it looks like I was wrong about them, as I was about the Eagles. I thought the Eagles would be better and the Giants worse. The Giants have responded to the challenge of defending their title this year.

Right now Buffalo is the best team in the AFC East.

How weird is this after the first eight years of the decade - the Chargers, Colts, Jaguars and the Patriots who have combined for 17 of a total 32 possible playoff appearances over the last eight seasons (12 of those between the Patriots and Colts alone who are currently second and third in their divisions and a combined 6-5). The only current division leader/wild card contestant in the AFC that has regularly been at the top of their game along with the aforementioned teams is Pittsburgh at 5-1.

Welcome to Bizzaro-world, NFL style.

With any luck, the Pats go to 4-2 tonight, but I have to honestly say, I don't have any confidence that the Pats defense is going to be able to shut down Denver's high powered attack. This is a New England team that's still searching for its identity since the loss of its offensive leader.

It would be nice if tonight was the night the defense found their stride.


Suldog said...

It was a fun ride. That comeback in game 5 was magnificent, of course, and will live on. The Rays deserved it, in the end, so congratulations to them.

You'll like my piece today - about a chance encounter with Yoooooook last week.

David Sullivan said...

Go Pats...why wasn't Dusty bunting in the 8th? Go Pats.

Kevin Smith said...

Who on the team was hitting with more power during the ALCS? Not Ortiz. Not even Youk. Dusty hit three homers in the series. Would you really take the bat out of the hands of your best hitter?

Honestly, a bunt never entered my mind there. Not from Pedroia. If Kotsay, Ellsbury, or even Varitek were up there, yeah, lay it down. But not someone who's driving the ball. But that's just me.

Dave said...

It's feels great to be wrong about the Pats, doesn't it? They were awesome last night.

Kevin Smith said...

It does feel good, and I hope this is a confidence builder (the D needs the boost). But I hope the offense doesn't think they can let up because they suddenly looked potent - I mean it was against one of the worst D's in the league.

I am cautiously optimistic.

Gonna blog shortly about some of the unexpected contributions.

David Sullivan said...

2nd and third with one out with Papi comming up was just about guaranteed by a bunt. Papi is probably int. walked or gets a chance to get a sac fly or maybe a hit and score coco from second. If bases are loaded you still have the sac fly. Instead Papi on first...I was screaming at the TV, but hindsight is 20/10...