Friday, January 18, 2008

AFC East...the pioneer conference

It is the history of the conference.

They are pioneers in the league. They are history setters.

The Jets were the first AFC team to beat an NFC team in the Super Bowl (they were also the first team to be named the Titans).

The Dolphins were the first team to have an undefeated season and win a championship in the NFL (twice the Bears went undefeated, but both times lost in the championship game).

The Bills remain the only team in the history of the NFL to go to four consecutive Super Bowls. The only other team to come close were the Dolphins with three consecutive Bowls in the early 1970's - the first team to go to three of the big games.

And now the Patriots are the first team in the NFL to go undefeated through a 16-0 season (not even taking into account all the other records the team set).

Yep...the history setters.

Welcome to the AFC East.


Teresa said...

The Colts used to be in the East until the NFL reorganizied in 02. They pulled two AFC Central teams, us and an expansion team--the Texans. The Titans won the Division in 02 and we have won it the 5 years since. This year the AFC South became the best division of all time with a 42-22 record and three teams making the playoffs and the fourth coming in at .500. A little history you probably already knew.

Is this the first time the AFC East has had both the best and worst team in the NFL?

Kevin Smith said...

I would have to double check. I know that in 1972 the Pats were amongst the worst teams in the league, but I'm not sure they were the worst. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened before.