Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What color is the sky in his world...

In post game comments Wade Phillips said that he believed the best team lost. That might be true. However, he also said that he believed that the Cowboys outplayed the Giants.

Which begs the question...

What game was he watching?

They padded stats, but they played poorly in crunch time, and the Dallas O-line got mauled late in the game, in spite of holding the ball for 13 more minutes than the Giants. In the fourth quarter, when the Cowboys front five should have been pushing around a tired Giants D-line, they were dominated by Big Blue.

When it came time to make plays, the Giants did, the 'Boys didn't. And that should have been obvious to even Ray Charles.

By the end of the game Tony Romo wasn't stepping into his throws, but he was ducking away from the rush. He missed open receivers, he threw the ball away when he wasn't under pressure, and held it when he was.

At this point in his career Romo is not a big game quarterback. Eli Manning has two post-season wins - Romo has none.

Now, the deluded coach with his 0-4 playoff record gets to sit at home and try to figure out how his team outplayed the Giants and lost.

Somebody close to him should tell him that his team had their hats handed to them in the fourth quarter.


Suldog said...

The Cowboys have a history of denying reality. If you can find any, check the quotes following the game vs. San Fran (with "The Catch" - Montana to Dwight Clark) from 1981. Same EXACT thing - they said the best team lost.


David Sullivan said...

Remeber that Wade was the guy that benched Flutie for Rob"where are you now" Johnson in the playoffs after Flutie had a ProBowl type year.

TO and Wade are having a good cry right about now.

I guess Patrick Crayton is no psychic, the Cowboys WON'T see the Pats in the Super Bowl...wait...yes they will..on TV like the rest of us!!!

sugarshane024 said...

It has to be Jessica Simpson's fault, right?