Monday, February 04, 2008


I want to send out a congratulations to the New York Giants and the team's fans.

A few quick observations -

Anyone else get the irony of a team named the Giants playing David and knocking off the Goliath that has been the Patriots for this decade?

Over the course of the week leading up to the game I had an ever worsening feeling about the game. I reasoned why the Patriots should win, why people should predict a New England victory, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of my head that kept telling be that the Patriots just didn't have enough gas left in the tank to seal the deal. I think I'm less disappointed by this loss than I would have been if I had felt strongly about the Pats winning.

Don't get me wrong - I don't mean to sound like I'm taking anything away from the Giants. They played the better game and they deserved the win...and, to some extent, I am happy for Michael Strahan. I'm glad he got himself a Super Bowl ring before the end of his career. It's just that I would have preferred it not be at the hands of the Patriots. C'est la vie.

In spite of the loss, I enjoyed the game. I'm sure there are many out there that were bored by the game, but I like the defense-heavy games.

As I said elsewhere - if somebody had told me that the Pats D would hold the Giants to 17 points, I would have been positive the Pats would win. But the Giants front four on defense won the battles in the trenches with the Pats O-line. Something that happened with less frequency in the December meeting.

Even when the line didn't get there, Tom Brady failed to make plays, often over- or under-throwing his receivers. Eli Manning, on the other hand, made plays, often times while under pressure.

It was a great defensive game. Congratulations New York, enjoy the championship.

As for the Patriots...

It was the third time this season that the team was facing the Giants in a final game of a part of the NFL season - pre, regular, and post. It's exceedingly difficult to defeat a team three times in the same season - even if one of those times is in the pre-season.

Looking forward...

The Patriots are going to feel like they have unfinished business, and they will reload again. But the question is how.

Unless Donte Stallworth renegotiates his contract, he won't be back. I expect Randy Moss will re-sign with the team. Troy Brown I would say is a toss-up, at best, to return.

I would not be surprised to see both Tedy Bruschi and Junior Seau return, but I suspect they will bring in another linebacker for the rotation. As well as the linebackers played yesterday, there were times they appeared old and worn down at the end of the season.


Mainecatwoman said...

Cornerback. Please. Especially if Samuel bolts.

Kevin Smith said...

I have a hunch they're going to try to solve that through the draft. I'll have to look at the free-agents out there, tho.

I also have a hunch that Eugene Wilson is short for the team. By the end of the season he appeared to have dropped behind Sanders and Merriweather on the depth chart.

Dave said...

We have to get younger at linebacker. That is my main concern. They are simply too old at that spot.

You're right about Wilson, which is odd considering how strong he was early in his career.

I think Samuel is gone, which will give the Pats the cash to resign Moss. And I'd love to see Kelley Washington get a shot at receiver. He has talent.

Suldog said...

Well said. They have to re-load at LB, and they definitely need a DB or two.

Mike said...


As a basically lifelong ‘Fins fan, I am sure you know how ecstatic I am at the outcome of the game. After the week 17 game, I had a feeling that if they met again the result was going to be different.

As a lifelong Football Fan, I believe that this years Pats team IS one of the best teams ever. When you look at the numbers that they put up this year, and their schedule no one can dispute the fact that they are an awesome team. Brady in my opinion is going to go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

To me Belichick from a numbers stand point is nothing short of genius as a coach. As you know I don’t care for him in terms of professionalism, but professionalism is not what has made him the coach that he is.

In terms of History, statistics aside, as of yesterday the 1972 Dolphins are still known for “The Perfect Season”. The 2007 Pats statistically are probably the best team, but nonetheless came up “Less than Perfect”. My guess is that they will retain the most wins in a season for many, many years. The Patriots are to be congratulated for their achievements this year and I know you are Proud to be a Pats fan as you should be. I look forward to the day that our discussions are once again on equal footing again though. I do believe that will be a few years down the line however.

From a player standpoint, Seau has always been one of my favorite players. I just wish he had been able to contribute to the fins the way he has with the pats, but the fins deserved to lose him et al with the bad decision making that they had for the past 8 years or so. I would like to have seen the Pats win only for Juniors sake.


Kevin Smith said...

Thanks, Mike.

It was, as I said, nice to see Strahan get a ring. It was equally disappointing to see a guy like Seau miss. And for the record, I prefer it when the rivalries in the AFC East are actually worth watching.

Fortunately for the 'Phins, they're not in salary cap hell, so there's a chance that Parcells could make the team competitive fairly quickly. I would say Jerry Jones being dumb enough to trade one of his running backs to Miami would be a big step in the right direction for your club.

Dave said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Parcells make a run at Asante

Chris Stone said...

They have a CB Richardson on IR that they drafted last year... he looked decent in pre-season. Samuel is gone. I'm mixed about having Seau and Bruschi return... they are great players... but sometimes i think BB relies on his veterans too much. (if that makes any sense.) I was stunned by the halftime score. Nobody could've predicted that.

The Pats just didn't connect on offense. That the score was so close was amazing. The Giants rush was amazing. Has anyone wondered about BB passing on the 49 yd FG attempt in the 3rd quarter? 4th and long.... when they passed on the FG I was hoping it wouldn't come back and haunt them.

Man that was an exhausting game... an exhausting season. And I only watched!

Teresa said...

It sucks when your team doesn't play well and the season ends...I know, believe me.

This one will be talked about for some time....why Belichick didn't kick a field goal? How in the world did Eli escape and how did Tyree hang onto that ball?

It was a great football game. I was pretty happy with the outcome but respect and appreciate the season NE put together.

They will be back, much to my dismay.

David Sullivan said...