Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette made a funny...

A writer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette speculated this week that the Patriots might have stolen the Steelers' snap counts, thus accounting for Mike Vrabel getting off the ball pretty much with the snap on just about every offensive play for the Steelers. Stealing the snap count? What, was he in the Steelers huddle when Ben Roethlisberger told the team, "on two?"


The man lines up on the line.

He was told by that organization that he would never be anything better than second string. This couldn't possibly provide any extra motivation for Vrabel. No. It couldn't be that.

I used to tell any of my defensive players that played on the line that they had certain keys to playing the line successfully, and none of it had to do with listening to the quarterback. The first thing that they had to do was look at how the lineman lined up as that would be a key to how the offensive lineman was going to block (pass/run), and the second thing was that they should always have an eye on the ball - the ball movement would be the key to quickly attacking the offense off the snap.

Stealing the counts?

Useless unless a player knows the quarterback's cadence.

This might be one of the larger stretches for an excuse as to why one's hometown team got spanked than I have seen in a long time.

I hate stupidity from reporters. It makes us all look stupid.


Dave said...

That is stupidity on the level of the Eagles' player who thought the Pats stole their signals in the Super Bowl because they adjusted to their blitzes with screen passes.

They should put this guy in classifieds.

David Sullivan said...

The Jags must've cheated yesterday!

Kevin Smith said...

I've been wondering since I saw the highlights whether or not some Pittsburgh writer was going to claim that maybe the Jaguars inappropriately surrounded themselves with Florida weather, or some other ridiculous claim