Monday, December 10, 2007

The Jets are next

I usually don't guarantee victories. It's not my way. Not that I haven't done it before, but as a former player and coach (high school/semi-pro), I know that too much can go wrong on the field.

Next week the Patriots will win, and it won't even be close.

I just want to throw out these numbers - numbers I have mentioned before...

72 - It's the most points scored in a game by one team (Redskins over NY Giants, Nov 27, 1966. Final, 72-41).

64 - That was the most scored by a team (Philadelphia over Cincinnati, Nov. 6, 1934) in a shut-out victory.

5 - The number of touchdown passes that Brady needs to break Peyton Manning's record. I would not be surprised if he broke the record against the Jets.

7 - The most touchdowns thrown by a quarterback in a game, shared by Sid Luckman, Adrian Burk, George Blanda, YA Tittle, and Joe Kapp. The last time was in 1969 by Joe Kapp. This Sunday may very well be the first time since then.

4 - The number of touchdown receptions that Randy Moss needs to pass Jerry Rice for the most in a season.

Those are just some of the numbers that I think will become relevant this Sunday. At 4:00 Sunday afternoon, several of those records are going to fall - and it will be at the hands of the Jets. Make no mistake that this is going to happen, and Belichick will make sure that it happens against the Jets.

This isn't going to be a game. It's going to be a clinic - and Belichick is going to show Eric Mangini how little he knows.

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