Friday, October 05, 2007

Two down, one to go...

The Yankees are one game away from being swept. One game from being bounced in the first round...again.

In the first game their pitching - starters and bullpen alike - failed them. In this game their bullpen once again failed them.

More importantly, in consecutive post-seasons, their all-star starting line-up has failed them.

This is what we've seen from the Yankees starters -

Johnny Damon, 1 for 9 (.111)
Derek Jeter, 1 for 8 (.125)
Bobby Abreu, 2 for 6 (.333)
Alex Rodriguez, 0 for 6 (.000)
Hideki Matsui, 0 for 7 (.000)
Jorge Posada, 0 for 7 (.000)
Robinson Cano, 1 for7 (.143)
Melky Cabrera, 1 for 8 (.125)
Doug Mientkiewicz, 0 for 4 (.000)

That means Yankee starters are batting .o97 for the ALDS thus far. Against a team they swept in the regular season. Against a team against which New York batted .348 and outscored 49-17 during the regular season - an average of 8 runs per game to Cleveland's 2.83 runs per game.

Right now they're averaging 2 runs to Cleveland's 7 per game in the playoffs.

What was Steinbrenner's name for A-Rod again? Mr. April?





Liz said...

Thank you so much for not mentioning the bugs. I am sick of the Yankees using them as an excuse for why they choked. As if the bugs only go after pinstripes. I am sick of the media buying into that nonsense as well.

Yeah the Yanks swept the Tribe, early on in the season. The Indians are healthy, have awesome starting pitching and an even awesomer (made up word!) bullpen. They are for real, and hopefully people will start to realize it.

Kevin Smith said...

The idea that the bugs are the reason they lost is ridiculous. If the Indians could fight through it, then the highest payroll in baseball damn well better be able to.

As for those not thinking the Indians are for real - I guess they forget that the AL Central was perhaps the toughest division in baseball. The next round is certainly going to be interesting.

Really, as for the Yanks...this is just sweet.