Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've heard that Roger Goodell

Wants to bring professional football to South Florida and is considering Miami for an expansion franchise. The NFL figures there's a usable stadium, they just need a team.

42-7 by the half? That's just brutal.

Everything old is new again...

Is it just me, or did the last two Sundays of NFL action feel like 2002. The following quarterbacks either started, or replaced ineffective starters during those two days - Sage Rosenfels, Kurt Warner, Jeff Garcia, Vinny Testaverde, Kerry Collins, Tim Ratay and Damon Huard. Feel like yesterday, anyone?

Getting defensive...

When your team jumps out to a 42-7 lead by half-time, normally there's not a whole helluva lot to complain about...except in this case.

After half-time it was like the Patriots defense was thinking about what movie they were going to rent when they got home on Sunday night. After largely shutting down Miami through the first two quarters, the D spent much of the third and fourth quarters on their heels, getting ripped up by bottom of the roster running backs. It resulted in 14 points given up to a struggling Miami offense.

It's the second straight week that the Pats defense struggled against the run.

Bill Belichick is going to go to town on his defense this week. They deserve it. Up 49-14, these guys should have been playing with reckless abandon. Instead, they were just playing like wrecks.

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