Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't go into stand-up

Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder either thinks he was being funny, or he's just a moron.

During the week preceding the 'Phins game in London, Crowder claimed that he had no idea the people in London spoke English and then had the following to say to the Palm Beach Post -

“I couldn’t find London on a map if they didn’t have the names of the countries,” Crowder said. “I swear to God. I don’t know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that.
“I know (Washington Redskins linebacker) London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That’s the closest thing I know to London. He’s black, so I’m sure he’s not from London. I’m sure that’s a coincidental name.”

If he was purposely being obtuse because he thought it would be funny...well, then he's still a moron.

In high school in Georgia, Crowder carried a 3.5 grade point average and was a member of the National Honor Society with that GPA. Of course he carried that GPA in a state recently ranked 41st out of 50 in educational rankings. Crowder is not listed for any academic excellence for his time at Florida, a school not exactly known for its academics.

He is, however, listed for several mind-bogglingly stupid run-ins with the law while in college - assault, fighting with the police, vandalism.

If this is willful ignorance, or a joke, then Crowder should be admonished for perpetuating a damaging stereotype.

If he was being serious, then his high school needs to be taken to task for padding his grades.

Other than a high Wonderlic (which tests football intelligence), this guy hasn't demonstrated two brain-cells firing at the same time since college. And considering what he has demonstrated since high school, one has to wonder about the quality of education he received there.

Joke or not, right now there are a lot of people who should be embarrassed - Crowder being the first and foremost among them. His father, a former 'Phins player and former assistant coach at Penn State, every teacher he has ever had, and even his mother.

If he's doing it because he feels that being smart or demonstrating knowledge diminishes him in the eyes of the kids he hung with in Atlanta, then that's just sad.


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sugarshane024 said...

I'm betting that Crowder is just dumb. He probably didn't get into Florida because of his smarts.