Friday, September 28, 2007

Some quick thoughts

I've got that sinkin' feeling...

I can't help but think that the Red Sox are going to be one and done in the post season. Over the last month the team has struggled against quality opposition. By the same token, none of the entrants in the American League thrill me. The ones playing the best baseball lately I have to admit appear to be the Yankees, but even they have fatal flaws in regards to the post-season.

Sweet home Chicago...

While I think the benching of Rex Grossman in Chicago is long overdue, I don't think that Brian Griese is the answer. Griese has never been the answer where ever he has played - why should he be the answer in Chi-town?

With Grossman's contract up at the end of the season, what do you suppose the over/under is on the Bears drafting their quarterback of the future (again) next April?

.38 Special...

In the land of prognostication, the plentiful predictors of the pigskin press tend to be calling for a high scoring affair in the Patriots' Monday night tilt in Cincinnati. The last time the two teams played, there were questions as to whether or not the Patriots defense would be able to hold the Bengals high-octane offense. The final of that game? 38-13 in favor of the Patriots.

After successive scores of 38-14 (over the Jets), 38-14 (over the Chargers), and 38-7 (over the Bills), anyone want to predict a result significantly different than what happened the last time these two teams faced off?

Questionable call...

Having coached sports, I was puzzled by the Briana Scurry start against Brazil in the Women's World Cup tournament. I understand why Greg Ryan started Scurry, given her past record against Brazil, but I still see it as a move that is indefensible. As such, the man needs to stop defending the decision, admit he fucked up and move on.

For those of you who don't know - US goalkeeper Hope Solo had beaten Scurry out for the starting position entering tournament play. Solo had a 300 minute stretch going back to the first game in the tournament during which she hadn't given up a goal. Scurry hadn't started and played a full game in over three months.

The United States lost to Brazil 4-0. In soccer terms, a blow-out.

If they had lost 1-0, even 2-0, maybe Ryan's position is defensible. Four-nil? Suck it up and admit your mistake. You benched the hot-hand in order to put the veteran near the end of the line into a game she had no business starting.

For those of you who think I'm being too harsh on Scurry, I just want to say - she was one of the goalies for the Philadelphia Charge when I was a beat writer covering the team for a suburban Philadelphia newspaper. Personally, I like her. However, when she played for Philadelphia, she was inconsistent. Alternately she was the best goalie I had ever seen in the women's game, or she was a definitive second stringer.

The other day the second stringer showed up.

It's a shame the team's greatest Hope in winning was on the bench.

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