Friday, August 24, 2007

Testing the limits

According to an AP report, Michael Vick's guilty plea will not include pleading guilty to the gambling charges or the charges that he was involved in animal cruelty. He will be pleading guilty only to the interstate commerce for the purpose of dogfighting charge.

From all reports, the Feds have Vick dead to rights on just about all of the charges, so what remains to be seen - on Monday - is whether or not the judge accepts the plea.

If the judge does not, look for the Feds to move forward with the superseding indictments and for a court case that is going to only further tarnish Vick's reputation and cause greater damage to his chances to repair his image. In essence, if the case goes forward and more facts surface regarding how deep Vick's involvement in this subculture really is, the worse it will be for any earning potential or possibility of returning to football.

With the narrow scope of what Vick is pleading guilty to, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the judge assigned to this case throws the plea out.


soxfaninny said... has the plea and the statement of facts. It's a good read. He's done based on those facts alone which include his involvement in the gambling ring as well as his involvement in killing the dogs.

bye bye Mike

Dave said...

Even if he doesn't admit to's like Capone getting nailed for tax evasion. We all know he was involved in murder and booze, regardless of whether or not he ever actually paid for it.