Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NFL Quarterly update and other thoughts...

Before I get started on the quarterly update - nice to see Jon Lester declared cancer-free. That being said, I am related to cancer survivors and have one thing to say to Lester - Take care of yourself and get checked regularly, this is something that will be with you the rest of your days. Good luck, I look forward to seeing you pitch again next season.

Onto the update

NFC East

Preseason picks 1. Cowboys, 2. Eagles, 3. Giants, 4. Redskins

1. Dallas - getting hot at the right time.
2. NY - Crashing and burning. With upcoming games against Carolina, Philadelphia and New Orleans, I don't like the Big Blue Wrecked Crew's chances, even with the injured returning.
2. Philly - Still could finish in second, but I'm not convinced at this point that we're looking at the division that will produce one of the wild card teams.
4. DC - About what I expected at the beginning of the season. This is a team that can barely begin the deal, let alone seal it. Gibbs went to Jason Campbell way too late.

NFC North

Preseason picks 1. Bears, 2. Vikings, 3. Lions, 4. Packers

1. Chicago -This could be one and done in the playoffs for the best record in the NFC if Grossman doesn't learn to protect the ball.
2. Minnesota - Haven't been the same since the beating they took from New England
3. Green Bay - Not quite as ugly as expected....but close.
4. Detroit - I think Marinelli needs to be given some time, but this is a team still in serious disarray.

NFC South...boy was I off here 1. Panthers, 2. Bucs, 3. Falcons, 4. Saints

1. New Orleans - Quickest rebuilding year ever. Along with Dallas, I think the most dangerous of the NFC teams heading to the playoffs.
2. Carolina - Too Jeckyl and Hyde, could make the playoffs, could be sitting at home. Seldom seem to play as if their season is on the line.
2. Atlanta - Sure the receivers have dropped a lot of balls, but Vick still isn't that good a quarterback either.
4. Tampa - When depth problems in the NFL are discussed, this is the NFC team that should be looked at.

NFC West 1. Seahawks, 2. Rams, 3. Cardinals, 4. 49ers
1. Seattle - At 8-4 the 'Hawks are running away with the division...and not looking good doing it.
2. San Fran - In a weak NFC has fought its way into playoff contention with a rousing record of 5-7. Even so, still better than I expected.
2. St. Louis - After a strong start, has crashed and burned.
4. Arizona - As I wrote back in September, a team with a suspect O-line isn't going anywhere.

Tomorrow the AFC.

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