Monday, December 04, 2006

A little contest...

So my sister-in-law has snared my me, my wife and her husband in a shedding pounds contest. Here are the details:

Deadline April 1
Teams-so we have accountability in and outside of the home

Scale: We are not trying to get to the same weight, so it doesnt matter that our scales are off. whats important is the weight lost.

Also, we should get measurements-perhaps even do a separate prize for inches lost(25 for most lbs, 25 for most inches?). If you want to do this, we will need to get thigh, hip, waist, chest, and upper arm measurements from all participants. I think this would be a good idea since weight loss is not always apparent in numbers. Michael and Kevin, in theory, would gain more muscle than lose weight.

Starts tomorrow.

After a particularly debauched weekend of football and feeding, I am starting from 193 pounds. I will post updates here on a weekly basis.

Also, tomorrow, the three-quarter mark observations, and a few rants about sloppy football...

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