Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Picking up the pieces of the last couple of days...

Marvin Harrison is no longer a Colt. Given the fact that he was getting paid $7.6 million last season and has a cap number in excess of $13 million for next season and has averaged fewer than 50 yards per game for the last two seasons, missed time due to injury, and failed to put up 1000 yards combined in the last two seasons, this is hardly a surprise. What is a surprise is that the receiver who will turn 37 before the season begins didn't think renegotiating with the Colts was his best option. Personally, I think he loses money - and a lot of it - by not renegotiating with the Colts.

Honestly, any team that pays big money for him given the fact that he looked out of gas last season, deserves all the derision that comes their way.

I can't be the only one that thinks that the Celtics possibly bringing on Stephon Marbury is foolish. The man has been a malcontent everywhere he's played, and comes off as Allen Iverson-ish in regards to taking coaching...that is, he doesn't.

While I'm on the Celtics - They've gotten off to a good start without their big guy. I previously noted that if the Celtics were able to go 4-4 during the roughly eight game stretch without Kevin Garnett that the C's would be in good shape. Starting off the run 2-0...not a bad way to get there, particularly after absolutely destroying a Nugget team in Denver after losing to them by nine on the Parquet earlier in the season.

So without KG the C's are already 2-0 with only two tough contests left in the strech - the Cavs and the Magic at the tail end of the eight game stretch, the idea that they could go 6-2 and hold onto the top seed during Garnett's absence is not unrealistic.

I like the Pats signing Tully Banta-Cain. He was a solid, if unspectacular back-up. He ads depth to a position that needed additional depth last season.

I still don't think Matt Cassel will be on the Patriots roster come training camp, but I also don't believe that the trade to get Cassel is going to happen before draft day. I do think that he will garner a first round pick and something in the mid to late rounds, but the first rounder will be in next year's draft, and will likely result in a pick in the bottom half of the first round as I firmly believe that wherever Cassel goes, the team likely to land him will finish in the top half of the league, but just out of the playoffs.

So now only Jerry Jones is allowed to talk to the press. The dysfunction in Dallas is almost palpable. I can't help but feel as though this is a team that isn't going to win a playoff game while Jones is playing fantasy football with real life players.


Teresa said...

I will miss Marvin; but it was the right decision. Wayne, Gonzo, Pierre and the tight end corps will be able to do the job. I consider it an honor to have watched he and Peyton play together for so many years--the best all time. wow.

Kevin Smith said...

It was a smart move by the Colts, but a dumb, pride driven move by Harrison.

Suldog said...

If the Celtics sign Marbury, I would have to conclude that Danny Ainge has lost his mind. They have magnificent chemistry and don't need a locker room cancer.

What do you think of the Mikki Moore signing? I think he's a decent addition. He'll take a few fouls from the other big guys, score a few points. Not bad.

Kevin Smith said...

I think Moore's a solid back end sort of guy - can come off the bench and give you 6 to 10 points per game and 3 to six boards while giving a team 20 to 30 minutes per game if needed.

Yeah, he's not as inherently talented as Marbury, but he's also not going to give a coach the headaches either.