Sunday, September 07, 2008

F#@&! F#@&! F#@&! looks like the gap between the haves and the have nots may have gotten a bit closer in the AFC East today. Anyone else wondering if Bill Belichick has Vinny Testaverde on speed dial? I would ask in regards to Drew Bledsoe, but I think there's still some bad blood there, and I don't believe Drew wants to come back.

Coming from Mike Silver, I have to believe that the report is accurate, but that doesn't mean I can't hope that it's wrong.

The season has gotten a lot harder for the Pats.


Chris Stone said...

That was a sucky sucky thing to happen. the season just tanked. Cassell just can't score.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if its the ACL. and they would know pretty quickly.

the offense was a bit off beat... this injury could've happened at anytime. but i wonder if brady's not having played contributed.

Kevin Smith said...

I don't know that his knee would have been hit any differently if he had played in the preseason. He did, however, look like he was throwing at times while moving backwards which seemed odd to me. That certainly could have been due to a lack of playing time.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of roster move in the next week if this indeed an accurate report.

David Sullivan said...

I like the Drew idea, but it won't happen.

Cassel or bust!


Kevin Smith said...

Yeah, I know, I knew it as I wrote it, but I still wanted to toss the idea out there.

Teresa said...

When I saw this on Sunday, I thought of you. What an awful thing to happen. When the Colts lost on Sunday and looked so bad, we just keep saying, we aren't in as bad of shape as New England.

I just went through an ACL replacement and scope in May. It hurts and it sucks. They need to get him in surgery now so he can try and be ready for next year.

Kevin Smith said...

Welcome back T. Thought of you too when I saw the Colts score. Have to say, while the Pats have their problems because of this, they still have an easier division to deal with than Indy, and Peyton looks like he played his first preseason game against Chicago. I don't know that your guys can afford to fall a couple of games behind the Jags while he shakes off the rust (I know there's not much they can do about it, but...).

Kevin Smith said...

BTW - had my knee scoped years ago. I gotta imagine that the ACL sucks. Hope it's feeling better.