Monday, November 19, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I give you the Red Sox third baseman for 2008 - 2010. Coincidentally, the same year that Red Sox first base prospect Lars Anderson is expected to be ready for big-league action.

Welcome back, Mike.

Two last thoughts on the Pats this afternoon -

Of the fourteen offensive weapons that have either received a hand-off, run with the ball, or hauled in a pass (not including back-up quarterbacks Matt Cassel and Matt Gutierrez), thirteen have found the end zone. The lone exception - tight end Dave Thomas.

The breakdown -

Randy Moss 16
Wes Welker 7
Ben Watson 6
Sammy Morris 3
Dante Stallworth 3
Kyle Brady 2
Tom Brady 2
Kyle Eckel 2
Heath Evans 1
Kevin Faulk 1
Jabar Gaffney 1
Laurence Maroney 1

And for the final thought - last night Kevin Faulk left the game with a head injury after what looked like a vicious shot from a Bills defender. He did not return. Not much of Maroney was seen after a strong start.

If the two are injured and could miss time, then what are the Pats' options? Sign a veteran who's been sitting on his butt? Someone like Corey Dillon? I doubt it, otherwise they would have done it already - and their issue isn't with the bruisers right now. It's with the small, shifty change of pace guy who catches passes on third down.

This is a shot in the dark here, but don't be surprised if (assuming Kevin Faulk can't go for a few weeks) the Pats release rookie defensive end Kareem Brown (resign him to the practice squad) and activate Troy Brown with the intention of using him as the third-down back a la Faulk. He's a good blocker, already knows the system, and is a player in which Brady has a high level of confidence.

I could be completely off the mark with this, but it's what occurred to me while watching Faulk sit on the bench after that hit.


sugarshane024 said...

Unfortunately, David Thomas will not add his to the list as he's now on IR.

I love the Troy Brown idea. If anybody can make that happen, it will be the B connection: Belichick, Brady, and Brown.

Kevin Smith said...

It's too bad about Thomas, I think he's going to be a good addition for the Pats down the road.

As for the Brown thing - all I could think was that Belichick is going to be able to add his monkey-wrench soon, the jack of all trades that does anything it takes to bring home a ring.

chris said...

I like the Brown idea... I'm not sure the reality would live up to the idea. I'm not even sure Belichick really wants him on the team. My own theory is... the main reason Brown is even considered at this point is from outside pressure. Welker is outstanding. and I don't think Brown could replace Faulk.

I didn't see the hit on Faulk. He's one of my favorite players... the concussion issue with the NFL is a heatbreaker. I hope he's okay now and in the future.

Check out my own read on last nights game. I had *fun.*