Friday, July 06, 2007

Things I would like to see...

I would like to see more headlines about professional athletes doing the right thing rather than the ongoing sagas of the Michael Vicks and Pacman Joneses of the world.

I would like people to stop taking the fall for the Vicks, and for the other fans to get their heads out of their asses and stop making excuses for him and for Barry Bonds. Yes, we are in America where in a court of law, the concept is innocent before proven guilty.

However, just because he hasn't been convicted, doesn't mean that Bonds is innocent. Hell, he admitted before a grand jury that he did cheat the game. That's a fact.

Stop apologizing for him - we also live in a country where ignorance is not considered a legitimate defense in a court of law. He's a cheater and deserves no better than Pete Rose, and for my money, a lot worse.

I would like to see Drew Bledsoe make the Hall of Fame, but more, I would like to see what he would be like as a quarterbacks coach for some team in the NFL. After watching sideline film of that last season in New England, I am convinced that Tom Brady does not develop at the rate he did that year without Bledsoe's feedback.

I would like to know what, exactly, is keeping Jim Rice out of the Hall of Fame. Outside of Reggie Jackson, there was no slugger from 1975-1986 who was more dominant, and his numbers are comparable to quite players that are already enshrined.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in George Steinbrenner's war-room this year. Considering the sudden questions about the future ownership of the Yankees, it seems that the dysfunction started at the top and has worked its way down. I would love to hear the conversations as they approach the trade deadline.

I would like to see players shut the hell up and play when franchised, particularly since the major whine is, "I could go out there and get hurt on the first play of the season," and in the history of the tag, no player has lost a season while playing under the franchise tender. You're getting paid the average salary of the top five players at your position - get into camp and get on the field.

I would now like to see the Yankees go 86 years between championships. When you look at the way the Red Sox played in the 1920's after getting rid of Ruth, it certainly looks like the Yankees are heading in that sort of direction. They've slashed and burned their farm-system, and have effectively ended up with a lot of fat contracts on the old and injured. Even with their deep pockets, that has the potential to take a long time from which to recover.

Finally, I would like to see the Pats get two more rings this decade. It would be one helluva an accomplishment in this day of the salary cap.

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