Monday, June 18, 2007

Some more quick hits

Game over part 1 -
Baltimore bottoms out with only three teams in the majors with worse records (Kansas City, Texas, and Cincinnati), and the man brought in to be the savior is shown the door. Oddly, the team is batting .260 which puts them just below the Major League average of (approximately) .263. The team ERA, however, is in the top half of MLB at 4.27 (tied for 13th). Why do I bring this up? Because it makes no sense that all their other numbers would be around...well...average, and that they would have to win their next 11 straight just to be at .500.

It makes one take note of what sort of overall impact it has that they are batting near the league average, but somehow are 24th in runs scored. So long Sam Perlozzo. Nice knowing you.

Game over part 2 -
Didn't this guy promise Roger Goodell he would stay away from clubs and impose a curfew on himself in order to stay out of trouble?

Now, I know this isn't quite on the level of Vegas, but at this point, Jones has been caught be police while driving on a suspended license, and is now wanted for questioning as a witness to a fight at a club, and subsequent shooting involving friends of his. Not exactly keeping his nose clean.

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