Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quick Shots...

It's about time that CNN and the AP picked this story up. Genarlow Wilson is back in the news on the day when his lawyer BJ Bernstein is in court for a Habeus hearing on his behalf. Good luck kid.

Trading one broken player for another...
So the trigger finally got pulled on the deal sending Trent Green to the Miami Dolphins as the solution to Miami's quarterbacking woes. Last year the 'Phins entered the season with high hopes that the rehabbing Duante Culpepper was healthy enough to lead them to the promised land in the AFC East, only to find that they had overpaid for an injured quarterback who pretty much looked done.

After only a handful of starts, Culpepper finished the season on injured reserve.

Now, the 'Phins completed a trade and new contract for Green, last year's starting quarterback for the Chiefs until he was knocked out of a game with a concussion. Upon returning to the line-up, Green never looked quite the same, struggling mightily to get the offense going.

Is Green going to continue to be gun-shy in Miami? My guess is yes. Four times in the coming season he will be facing the defenses of the Jets and Patriots, neither of which will be the balm for his pains.


Dave said...

I guess Daunte won't be competing for that QB spot after all. ESPN is reporting Miami is looking to trade him. Combine that with Green's injury woes and we can proudly introduce Miami's starting QB for 2008...Cleo Lemon!!

Thank God I'm a Pats fan.

Cormac said...

Green is 37. He is coming off a serious injury. Green is 37. Allow me to repeat that. The Dolphins just traded for a 37 year old QB.

Oh plus they drafted an injured kick returner with their first pick

The Fish should be fun to watch in '07

Kevin Smith said...

To say that I am puzzled by the Dolphins off season moves would be something of an understatement. Trading for a 37 year old QB coming off an injury, to replace your other injured QB and drafting an injured wide receiver who projects by most teams to be an impact only in the return game...I don't get it.