Friday, February 02, 2007

Should They be Nervous?

Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson was questioned by Miami police in regards to the shooting death of a Miami man. According to a statement released by the Bengals to the Associated Press, "Chad has confirmed to the club that he cooperated with Miami Police earlier this week as part of an investigation. Police have characterized this as a routine procedure and have stressed that Chad is not a suspect or even a person of interest in this case."

The AP report states that the man, Curtis Tavares Dopson, "was shot near the doorway of a duplex he moved into about four months ago." The report was unclear as to whether it was a duplex that Dopson had moved into or that it was one that Johnson had moved into.

Johnson was questioned as to what his relationship might have been with the deceased and what connection he had in relation to the shooting.

While I'm sure that the Bengals are happy that the police are saying that Johnson isn't a suspect, or person of interest, recent player behavior might dictate concern for the team's front office. If this shooting happened in Johnson's doorway and he knew the deceased, management has to be concerned that new evidence could quickly change the status of their star receiver.

Given the last year's worth of off-the-field issues, I can't imagine that the Bengals brain trust is happy about this report.

I can almost hear the hands wringing in Cincy from here.

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