Thursday, January 25, 2007

And another Bengals update...

Troubled Bengals receiver Chris Henry is trading in his tiger stripes for prison stripes for two days. According to an AP report the receiver "was sent to jail for two days on Thursday after pleading guilty to allowing minors to drink alcohol in his hotel room last spring."
Henry appears to be the Bengals' teflon player, having avoided significant jail time while pleading guilty in three previous criminal cases.
In the lastest case, according to the report, "Henry originally was charged in Covington with three counts of unlawful transaction with a minor. Police said he brought alcohol for three females -- ages 18, 16 and 15 -- in a Covington motel room April 29. One of the three, Monica Beamon, 18, was charged with murder in Cincinnati last September."
Lovely company he keeps.
Henry was sentenced in this case to 90 days, but the judge suspended all but two. For his repeated transgressions on this as well as drug and weapons charges combined he has been sentenced to a total of 120 days, only two of which he is spending in a jail, two years probation, and 100 hrs of community service, the equivalent of 12.5 business days working a standard eight hour shift.
Meanwhile a 20 year old man is serving ten years (see last post) in a Georgia prison for having consensual sex when he was a minor with another minor. Something isn't right here

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